Raw Sour Cream

Ryan is a huge fan of sour cream as it is a wonderful source of omega rich fats and vitamins if consumed in its potent raw form and cultured to its fullest potential.  Raw dairy is the only way we eat dairy as it ensures all the medicinal properties in their perfect original form.  And through the process of fermenting raw cream, wonderful bacteria proliferates and takes this magic potion to the next level of health.  Making this age-old staple one of the easiest tasks you’ll carry out while ditching all the toxicity store-bought, processed sour cream offers!

16 oz of raw pasture raised organic cream

¼ tsp of culture starter

PROCESS | add your raw cream to a glass of choice.  Drop in your culture starter and mix well.  Close lid and leave in a warmer spot of your kitchen for 24-48 hrs.  You’ll know that your cream has perfectly soured when it’s thickened and has a subtle sour smell.  Refrigerate once it has finished.  It will last up to a month.  You can then use 1 tablespoon of your cream as the culture starter for your next batch.  This can continue for the next six times you make sour cream!

BENEFITS | more digestible and have increased vitamin levels | vitamin A, D, K2 and B's rich | gut bacteria balancing | immune boosting | curbs sugar cravings 

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