Ojai Farmers' Market

As a new year passes, excitement follows closely behind. Aging and growing wiser have always been a luxury I revel in. One, if not the main, reason an organic plant-based diet appeals so glamorously to me, is the pure magic to gracefully reverse and vainly slow this process. But inside—oh yes, inside—I thirst for wisdom, enlightenment, gray hair, large black rimmed bifocals, and chic suits that are only fitting for that of a sixty-year-old woman.

Every year, I choose to ring in one more celebration of life with my great friends—Ryan’s parents, and their best friends. They represent the perfect symbolism of exactly the person I hope to grow into—wise, bohemian, artistic, cultured and grounded beyond the measures of anyone else I know. During merriment in my honor, I am adorned with ceramics, plants, fine wine, champagne, gifts, live music, love and a feast that compares only to something as wonderful as Chez Panisse with ingredients sourced from the Ojai Farmers’ Market.

My connection with Ojai Farmers’ Market deepens with each line, each memory, each year and each trip to Ojai. May it be every couple of weekends or the whole hot month of August, Ojai is our home away from home. From Corisca, France to Santa Cruz, Some may really compare but I’m yet to find a market as special as this one. And I never miss the opportunity to bask in each local artesian, beekeeper and farmer’s bountiful product when I'm there. I share a view into my Ojai Farmer’s Market.

Vendors that are certainly worth noting | Harry's Berries | Farmer And The Cook | La Nogalera Walnut Oil | Jimenez Farm & Marcie's Pies | Rivendell Lavender | Earthtonics Herbal Skin Care | Ojai Valley Bee Farm | Vicki's Soap (she's known as The Grandma of Ojai) | Ojai Olive Oil | Chivas Skin Care | Lily's Eggs

Every Sunday | 9a-1p | 300 E. Matilija St | Ojai | CA