Turning A Ceramic Bowl into a Succulent Planter

Succulents, arguably the easiest plants to keep alive in Los Angeles, provide spaces with such texture and personality. Anywhere you turn in our home, there is sure to be a succulent to greet you. And I’m a big fan of turning old ceramic bowls and ramekins into planters. This last weekend, I was gifted a bowl from an amazing ceramicist family friend and six wonderful succulents. Here are five EASY steps to turn such a ceramic into a succulent container garden.

Small Rocks | because these ceramics weren’t intended to be planters and do not have a drainage hole, I fill about half an inch of the bottom of the bowl with small rocks to provide drainage as the roots of succulents like to be as wet as a well rung-out damp cloth. I’ll find these rocks anywhere. In the driveway of a neighbor’s house for example. Shhhh.

Succulent soil | place about half an inch of succulent soil over the rocks.

Plant | arrange your succulents to sit in the bowl where you like.

Rocks | use a few more rocks on top to secure the roots and fill in any visible soil between each succulent.

Water | lightly water to secure the roots.