Rosemary Potato Chips | Super Bowl

Ryan is a huge football fan. Me on the other hand, zero clue as to who is even playing today. BUT if he can support any hippy-ritual-under-the-moon things I make him do, I can honor today and host. I’m raw 80% of the time but I know I can’t hand a group of guys dehydrated beet chips with raw hummus, so here is my spin on the potato chip—because who KNOWS what’s in the bagged ones? Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been known to be face deep into a bag of Kettle chips at two in the morning BUT I’m making more proactive choices today.


4 potatoes | scrubbed

3 Tbls coconut oil

2 Rosemary springs

High quality sea salt or Himalayan for taste

Pepper for taste


Slice potatoes ultra thin. I choose to use my mandolin slicer to have consistency in size so that they cook more evenly. A knife will do just fine. Mince rosemary. Then heat coconut oil to medium high (a cast iron is ideal for this as it cooks so evenly). Once pan is heated, toss individually sliced potatoes in so that they aren’t touching. I rotate them with tongs until the edges are brown and crispy. Dry on a baking sheet. Season with salt + pepper + rosemary. Serve immediately.