Cherimoya + Vanilla Bean

This mysterious fruit and I are fairly new friends. We met each other over some tea last year with Ryan’s mom. Inside a brown bag fresh from the Ojai Farmers’ Market rest this brownish-green fruit that I had mistaken for a rotting artichoke of sorts? Right before tossing it in the rubbish, Ryan’s mom properly introduced me to the fruit.

Packed with loads of vitamin C, B6, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron and manganese, this antioxidant rich fruit is a similar textural and taste profile of custard meets a sweeter pineapple guava.

Now that they are lining the bins of Farmers’ markets, my favorite snack obsession—these days—is to cut one in half and sprinkle some vanilla bean on top to really pump up the experience.  The truest of LA early spring treats. I implore you to give this a try! 

Have a stunning weekend. Posts will return Monday!