Shape House

A girlfriend had told me about Shape House quite sometime ago. She raved about it, and though she initially had reservations about the results actually being more noticeable than a traditional sauna, once leaving, her exact reaction was, “whoa…I’m glowing.” I found my experience to be exactly the same.

Sophie Chiche, owner and illuminating being, sat down with me before my treatment and thoroughly informed me about how much love, energy and belief went into creating Shape House. A couple of years ago, after enjoying a packaged week of various full body pampering treatments, everyone around her—especially her boyfriend—could not stop commenting on how AMAZING she looked. She attested this to the far infrared sauna treatments she had been receiving.

After such incredible results, she decided to create the perfect sweat lodge and take the traditional boxed-in infrared sauna and give it a modern day flair by elevating the experience to a whole new level—personal far infrared sweat-bed with your own TV, and pure relaxation.

And because I’m all about alkalizing my body as much possible, I was extra impressed that they serve re-mineralized Kangen alkaline water before, during and after your treatment. This allows quicker absorption of the subtly altered H2O molecules into our bodies to become flushed with water more quickly and hydrated more efficiently.

Everyone on the staff was so knowledgeable and sweet beyond words. They checked on me during my treatment and even offered to feed my meter. Such loves. But most important to report from this incredible experience were the results I received. My skin was truly glowing for days to follow and even more worth noting was how much water weight I lost during my treatment. Amazing. I felt like a supermodel. Thank you so much Sophie and The Shape House Family! There really is nothing else like you out there.