This Week's Finds

This week was full of awesome finds that are completely worth noting.

SOAP WALLA DEODORANT CREAM | has been around for a bit and I've totally had my eye on it but for whatever reason, I finally chose to pop by The Detox Market, tuesday, to pick some up. And when I say I've tried EVERY natural deodorant, this isn't an understatement. My bank account is happy to vouch for me. This deodorant, which mimics the texture of lotion, is unbelievably masking, well scented and lasts through the WHOLE day. Even my guy has been using it and he doesn’t go for any natural stuff. A Godsend I say!

JIVA APOHA PARUTKA BODY OIL | you'll be hearing a lot of mention about this company as it is pure magic. Ayurveda meets Native American Indian and has a baby with PERFECTLY scented, blessed, hand-blended, quality oil. This one in particular is for joints. It relives inflammation and allergies with turmeric, lemongrass, eucalyptus and marjoram oils. Believe me when I say that you can go ahead and toss your Tiger Balm out the window. 

ORAC-ENERGY GREENS | I know, I've been on the Ormus Greens wagon forever but after a chat with a naturopath, this formula will blow your mind. Super alkalizing, organic berries, superfoods, adaptogen herbs and probiotics—all in one packet. STOP IT. For those of us who travel a lot or didn't get our greens for the day, this is your best friend. Perfect for on the go. 

INNER ECO COCONUT WATER PROBIOTIC | 1 Tbsp averages 100 billion probiotic CFUs. And it taste fantastic. Enough said.

JING HERBS PEARL POWDER | The benefits of internally ingesting ground pearl are fantastic. It suppresses fear, anxiety, is anti-inflammatory, loaded with antioxidants and so much more. BUT you can also use this topically by making your own masks to lighten dark spots, fine lines, and create a luminous complexion. Every girl’s best friend.