Alkaline + Acid Chart


As I’m back on a high-raw kick, I always look to the goddess on this subject, Meredith Baird. Once again, she keeps me inspired with a design collaboration between One Part Gypsy and M.A.K.E. They’ve been designing multiple, incredibly comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing and simplified charts on important aspects of diet.

When I’m choosing a raw diet, I like to keep my body in high alkalinity. This means that I cut down on acid ash forming foods and implement alkaline forming foods to pH balance my blood—thus keeping my body in a very oxygenated environment (the more alkalinity in your body, the more oxygen that is flowing through your body). When your cells are oxygenated, it creates an environment where disease—such as cancer—bacteria, and fungus cannot survive or grow. An alkaline state is also incredibly detoxing, so toxins are continually being removed from the body at all times.

Here I share their Alkaline and Acid Forming Food Chart . To learn more on this subject and how to create AMAZING gourmet dishes out of these wonderfully alkaline forming + living foods, check out M.A.K.E's spring culinary courses