Mucuna Pruriens

Let’s get real about this Ayurvedic super-herb native to Africa and Asia, Mucuna Pruriens. As one of the top five recommended herbs in Ayurvedic medicine, it has the highest content of L-dopa of any other known herb. L-dopa is the precursor to dopamine—the neurotransmitter that promotes enjoyment, happiness and interest in life. It is one of the safest herbs you can take (for you pee out the extra that your body doesn’t use), and it is a fantastic treatment to keep depression at bay, improves women's libidos and men's stamina/testosterone, increases energy, sharpens mental clarity, better sleep due to the high tryptophan content, smoother skin, strengthens immune system, and helps to regenerate organs. A fantastic herb for someone recovering from too many stimulants (drugs, caffeine; etc), and adrenal depletion.