Body Ecology

I am so happy to have been re-introduced to The Body Ecology Diet through Christine Della Cioppa who is a certified BE coach. After seeing this book grace the shelves of so many holistic havens that I frequent, I thought it was time to finally give it a read. Donna Gates’ super rad theory is already so in line with my eating practice with the addition of stressing the importance of much more cultured foods, kefirs and probiotics—which all make the world of sense to me after reading the book and doing a bit of my own personal research. I visited the ever so inspiring Dr. Patti Kim (Naturopathic Dr. and acupuncturist) yesterday, whom equally stressed the importance of all these forms of great bacteria in our bodies and replenishing them daily.

Many of you are already ahead of me on this one, but for the people that aren’t familiar with BE, I recommend this read. And if such a read seems daunting, here is a great video where Donna Gates showcases how to make her famous cultured veggies. It’s loaded with tons of info. (Note: JJ Virgin is a bit intense as a host but you’ll be able to filter out great info nonetheless).