Travel Essentials | Colombia

Today I am Colombia bound—Medellin to be specific. I can’t say HOW insanely excited I am to soak up this culture, eat all the wonderful food and support the local artesian talents. I’m so happy to take the F+N family with me. To gear you up, I’d like to share some packing essentials that I take on any trip.  

Orac-Energy Greens | because I’m used to having obscene amounts of greens, herbs, probiotics, and antioxidants a day—usually over the course of a few smoothies—I can’t be assured that I’ll be reaping the same amounts of nutrients while on-the-go, so I love these green packs as I’ll pour one in water a day and soak up a ton of my familiar “properties” (as my boyfriend calls them).

Body | I’m obsessed with this line up as they are all travel size friendly and each give great results. No need to slum it with the normal store-bought travel sizes from the bins of target. Evan Healy KitSuntegrity | Soapwalla | Dr. Bronner's Eucalyptus | Tom's Toothpaste | Nubian Heritage

Ashwagandha | to stay peaceful, mellow, sleep easy and go with the flow.

Ancient Minerals | because traveling can back you up, these are really important for me to take to stay in the proper groove.

Chia Seeds | I’ll down two tablespoons of these in water daily to keep my protein, omegas and aminos in check. When I traveled to NYC in December, as soon as I stopped taking chia, my nails became brittle and broke. A true sign that I wasn’t getting enough protein. I never leave home without them.