Plant Food

We all have that raw cookbook sitting on our bookshelf with dust collecting on it. You know that quintessential one that shows us how to make your average collard wrapped walnut taco meat, beet burger, raw soups and smoothie recipes. And it makes us pleased to know that we DO have it there incase one day we may actually use it. So what’s stopping us?

Most recipes don’t look very appetizing or gourmet! Completely not worth the effort or they taste like your average sad plant version of traditional food we know and love. Well, here to change all of that around by giving us some raw food recipes to actually show off at a dinner party HAS finally arrived. The always talented Meredith Baird, Matthew Kenny and Scott Winegard have teamed up to bring you Plant Food—showcasing recipes of the dishes at M.A.K.E and so much more. You can finally make their infamous Kimche Dumplings at home!! Thank you Universe. Meredith Baird shares a few words, with us, on the launch.

M | March 1 marked the launch of our new book Plant Food. 

I am so excited and honored to be a part of this collaboration with Matthew Kenney, and the uber talented Scott Winegard. As it goes, all books are a product of joint effort--some more than others, but I have to say that this book would in no way have been possible without Scott. He has contributed his talent and vision to our company for the last few years- and truly has a style of his own. Clean, artful, simple and beautiful. He's a true artist, and has elevated our vision. Many of the dishes you find in this book can be enjoyed at our restaurant M.A.K.E. in Santa Monica. 

See for yourself- this is a book to be inspired by. Pick it up, smile--and invest some time in the magic of Plant Food. 

I hope that you enjoy! 


Photography by Stacey Cramp

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips