Traditional Colombian Herbal Healing | Carlos Osorio

Traditional Colombian herbal remedies are still very much alive in Colombian culture and widely accessible.

I had the pleasure of meeting Carlos Osorio who is sort of the leader of Organic farming in Colombia. He is widely sought after for his farming techniques, as they are innovative to the conventional farmers and young aspiring farmers that understand the importance of organic farming.

After being diagnosed 20yrs ago that his blood was too toxic (from all the pesticides sprayed on food), he started a true mission—organic farming. He’s apart of some really innovative movements in Colombia such as one that is gifting thirty families organic plants and guidance to get their gardens going proving that a family can live off their edible garden. His town is also one of a very small number that is in the process of becoming COMPLETELY pesticide free. There are a few of these through Central and South America.  People as inspiring as Carlos are revolutionizing health and reminding us all that a clean diet goes a long way in healing.  

On that note, here are some traditional herbs used for healing in Colombia:

COCA TEA | treats altitude sickness

AMARRABOLLO | stop diarrhea

SAUCO | heal wounds, prevent infection and reduce swelling

CALENDULA | treat skin acne, inflammation, irritation

DANDELION | relieves stomach pain

MATAR RATON | reduces fever

TOTUMO | relieves throat pain or loss of voice

ALOE | soothes burns and to cure stomach aches

CURCURMA | cleans blood in our bodies

HORSETAIL | cleans the kidneys

BOLDO | cleans the liver

UCHUVA | relieves ear pain

YAJE | connect spiritually, clean your soul, purify your body, and correct physical or emotional ailment