I’ve been incredibly lethargic lately may it be attested to travel recovery, getting off a big job or just plain laziness, so a domestic Sunday filled with making sprouted almond milk, harvesting my garden and inventing my own quinoa pasta was in order.

With a little pasta craving came a lot of thought about what all those other ingredients inside store bought quinoa pasta entail? Who needs any extra additives? Not me. So it dawned on me (light bulb), make my own.

QUINOA PASTA DOUGH | gluten-free

2 c organic quinoa flour

3 organic free-range eggs

1 Tbls extra virgin olive oil

Pinch of sea salt

Mound your flour into a well on a marble work surface (or I choose to do mine in a bowl so as not to lose any ingredients).

Using a fork, whisk together eggs, olive oil and pinch of sea salt in a separate bowl.

Slowly pour this mixture into the well of your flour and use your fork to whisk together your dough. Once more of a dough-like substance is formed, use hands to knead together into a ball.

Flour your marble surface or cutting board generously as well as your rolling pin. Roll your dough to the thinnest sheet you can achieve and use a knife to cut into strips or shapes of your desire. You’re also welcome to use a pasta roller + cutter at this point if you prefer a more uniformed noodle.

Lay out on a towel or pasta rack to dry.