I’ve partnered up with an amazing budding movement, SanaMente (translation | Healthy Mind) that is quite new but rapidly growing. It teaches children about slowing down, mindfulness and finding peace within themselves as well as their surroundings through art, music, food and meditation. My focus with this project is the food and how it connects with your body and mind. Creating recipes that are nourishing, energizing and calming.

The first recipe I put together was inspired by a very cool spot in Colombia, Natto, that I’ll be featuring soon. Here’s your new favorite summer spread.


2 c ghee | homemade or bought

3 Tbls raw local honey

2 Tbls sesame seeds

PROCESS | Mix together well and garnish with extra sesame seeds.

HEALTH BENEFITS | high in omega 3 + 6 fats ideal for proper brain function | high in antioxidants | immune boosting | rich in vitamins A, D, E, and K | stimulates the digestive system | increase vitamin absorbency | high in essential minerals | eases stress | antibacterial | stamina building