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Greer and I stumbled upon each others' Instagram some time ago and turns out we have the world in common. This super talented photographer, acrobatic yoga mama has some wonderful insight on healing with Essential Oils. I introduce you to Greer Inez of Mama Hussy.

G | Hi there. I am Greer. I am a professional photographer [Greer Inez]. I have two little boys, and I write a lot about natural parenting + healthy living on my personal blog, Mama Hussy. In the last few years, I have started using essential oils in my house + with my family in order to keep us healthy + happy. We live in Oklahoma, and cold season + spring allergies can be brutal around here. While I try to fight the good fight by feeding my family nutritious foods, we still need that extra supplement to combat colds + allergies. And for us, that extra supplement is essential oils. I have replaced almost our entire medicine cabinet with essential oils. They rock my world!!

Essential oils can be consumed + diffused/inhaled + applied to our skin.

I suggest getting the nicer oils, so that you can consume them if needed + because I think the better they are, the more they help us. The two most popular food-grade brands of oils are Young Living + DoTerra. Both of those also make really awesome blends. Some blends I use on the daily are Peace/Calming [YL] + Stress Away [YL] + DigestZen [DT] + Gentle Baby [DT] + Inner Child [YL]

DIFFUSER | Diffusing essential oils is a very gentle way to combat allergies + infection in our homes & in our bodies. This is my favorite way to use my oils. It makes my house smell amazing, and it is such an easy way to experience the benefits of oils. [Our diffuser recently broke, and every one of us got the sniffles + my husband’s allergies flared up like crazy.]

APPLICATION | Almost always use a carrier oil since the oils can irritate the skin.

CONSUMPTION | You can put drops of oils in your smoothies + water + food. You can also buy gel caps + swallow them in pill form. When consuming oils, always be sure to buy food-grade oils.

Some of my favorite go-tos for our family:

COLD SEASON // diffuse Thieves in the home daily. Thieves essential oil is a natural sanitizer. The oil kills off germs that cause colds + flu. It can help with bronchitis, pneumonia, + coughs. Rub thieves oil on the feet. Dilute it with water + spray it to sanitize surfaces. It can even be sprayed on plants as a natural pesticide.

ANTIBIOTIC RECIPE // 2 drops of Frankincense + 6 drops of Oregano + 12 drops of Thieves in gel-capsule 3x daily.

ALLERGIES // Lavender + Peppermint + Lemon + Ravensara + Thieves + Eucalyptus in diffuser [separately or together].

I keep a little bit of Lavender + Ravensara out by my bed, so I am breathing them throughout the night. Breathe Again [YL] roll-on does wonders for congestion. Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint essential oils can create a powerful all-natural antihistamine. These three oils together cool down the body’s inflammation. I put 2-3 drops of each oil in a spoonful of honey, for children only 1 drop of each oil. It is startling, but is immediate relief. If your oils are not food grade, rub these on the bottom of your feet & cover with a sock.

Steam inhalation [is similar to the diffusing] of essential oils can be so beneficial.  It soothes cough, gets congestion out of lungs + soothes mucous membrane + gently dilates lungs. My favorites for steam inhalations are: Ravensara +Eucalyptus + Thyme, + Rosemary. Warning: eucalyptus can be lethal when applied directly to a baby’s skin. Scary I know, but also very beneficial if used properly. Essential oils are powerful! Please, use with caution.

SLEEP// Lavender + Peace + Calming + Tranquil. Diffuse + apply 1-2 drops on pillow.

ECZEMA // Melrose + Lavender [3 drops each with carrier oil].

SKINCARE // coconut oil + lavender + frankincense. Rosehip for wrinkles.

RASH // 3 drops of lavender + 6 roman chamomile + 2 drops of myrrh = 1 peppermint oil on rash.

STRESS // gentle baby + lavender in diffuser. 2-3 drops of Stress Away [YL] on wrists.

UPSET TUMMY // 1-2 drops of peppermint oil on tummy.

 Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding essential oils or need help ordering some oils for your home. I will do my best to answer your questions or guide you in the direction needed.

 Photo by | Claire Ragozzino + CHOATE HOUSE


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