Brazil Tocos Cream Smoothie | raw

As we all know, I’ve been playing with different nut and seed milks recently. My latest fascination, this week, is Brazil nut (actually a seed). I decided to forgo the individual process of making it as a milk and then separating the pulp, so I made an overall milk and left all the fiber in as well. It was wonderful.

Brazil Tocos Dream Smoothie

2 c water

½ c Brazil nut

1 Tbls Tocos | fantastically high source of vitamin E + D

1 Tbls Chia

1 Tbls Hemp Seed

¼ Tbls Whole World Botanicals Royal Maca

2 Tbls Raw Wildflower Honey | Stevia | Maple Syrup

Dash of Quantum Pink Salt | you can find this at Moon Juice

Dash of Cinnamon

2 ice cubes

PROCESS | place all ingredients in a high-speed blender, and blend on high for two minutes.

BENEFITS | Omega-3 and 6 | high in protein | high in vitamin E + D + B complex | increased energy | hormone balancing | blood sugar stabilizing | weight stabilizing | libido boosting | high in essential minerals