Banana Cherimoya Ice Cream | Eenie Meenie Bambini

When I first moved to Echo Park, the very first neighbor I met lived across the street with her fiancé and his son. I’ll never forget for she walked out in that perfect 70’s long wavy blonde hair and was wearing the most stunning indigenous Cynthia Vincent sweater. We all remember that sweater.

Over time, I watched them get married and bring a new addition to their home, Coco—their stunning daughter. Then off they went. They bought a house in Mt. Washington to live their ever so inspiring, perfectly designed lives.

So when Sophie Assa asked me to contribute to her freshly launched mommy blog, I jumped at the idea. Anything she touches is done so thoughtfully, well and with insane style. Here we collaborated on a raw, naturally sweetened banana cherimoya panela ice cream recipe that I had been simmering on for a bit. See the full piece on Eenie Meenie Bambini.