Blemish Magic | and giveaway

I’m quite lucky in the sense that I rarely battle blemishes on my face. But around hormonal shifts and monthly cycles, I certainly develop that one, super annoying, zit around my chin area. Here is my most solid one-two-punch mechanism to rid it as quickly as possible. Fast and magical is the way I’d describe these products and process.

Magic Powder | created by holistic goddess and well known makeup artist in Brooklyn, Jessa Blades. This insane herbal mixture is really detoxifying and balances the skin like magic.  Apply as a spot treatment on blemishes to pull all the “stuff” to the surface.

Lavender Oil | as a natural antiseptic and antifungal, after popping a blemish, nothing is more fast acting, reduces swelling and healing than one dab of high-grade lavender oil on troubled spots! It's also a triple threat as it is wonderful at preventing scarring.

So the next time you have a total stress-face break out, these are you two totally holistic, effective secret weapons. 

GIVEAWAY | the first 10 beautiful souls to follow Jessa Blades and Free + Native on instagram enter to win a free Magic Powder