Puffy Eyes

Hello Monday morning and hello puffy eyes. There is nothing that I dislike more, upon waking, than puffy eyes. Four main factors that can contribute to such swelling, under and around the eye area, are genetics, buildup of lymphatic fluids, a party bender or too much sodium the day before. Here are my solutions to battle either of these variables.

Lymphatic fluid | Eye Massage Lymph Drainage with a quality face oil that has natural anti-inflammatory properties. I love Jiva-Apoha Sundara (but any will do).

Swelling Induced by Skin Irritation  | I like organic cucumbers for this as they are antioxidant rich which calm irritation while simultaneously cool to reduce swelling. Simply cut two slices, stick them on each eye and kickback. 

Sodium Water Retention | I’ve switched to Quantum Pink Salt as it is the first salt that I’ve noticed to control my Intracellular and extracellular fluid levels, preventing water retention and water weight gain.

Also drinking plenty of water and adding parsley to your morning green smoothie or juice (due to its natural diuretic properties) will help to eliminate extra water retention in the body. These same tips apply to party-bender-morning-afters.