Golden Berries | superfood Snack

When I was in Colombia, I had my very first Golden Berry (Amla, Goose Berry, Inca Berry), in its raw form, off the vine. I found myself craving this superfood since my trip and wanted to touch on some of its wonderful nutritional elements as I’ve been adding it into my diet in its raw-dried form.

With a 16% protein content and rich in vitamin A, C, B-complex (including B12), minerals, pectin, antioxidants, fiber and vitamin P (bioflavinoids), this is a mega superfood for everyone—especially vegetarians. I pop into Moon Juice for their special snack pack, or Navitas is wonderful as well. Perfect to toss into smoothies, raw treats or tote around in my bag all day.

BENEFITS | rich in protein | anti-inflammatory | anti-viral | anti-histamine | anti-carcinogenic | adaptogen (stress reducing) | blood sugar regulating | strengthens immunity | anti-aging | hair, skin and eye nourishing | promotes good digestion | brain nourishing | liver fortifying | supports heart + strengthens lungs | regulates bowel movements | enhances fertility | improves muscle tone