Great Bean | Raw Chocolate

Raw chocolate, a dessert uber close to my heart!

I met this wonderful soul recently who told me about his dearest cousin who has a raw chocolate company out of Austin. Anyone who knows me knows that I make my own raw truffles on the regular (just to have a sweet treat in the fridge at all times), and even more regularly can find little raw chocolate wrappers in the driver’s side door-cubby in my car, so you can imagine that I jumped at the opportunity to try his cousin’s chocolates.

Assuming that your average, subpar, poorly designed, odd tasting raw chocolate would arrive via mail, I was totally blown away to receive four bars of Great Bean chocolate instead.  AMAZING is an understatement. Each bar is hand crafted emulating their exact titles with specifically formulated recipes composed of raw cacao, adaptogenic herbs, superfoods and minerals. To give perspective, I ate a few bites of The Bliss Bar before my spin class (comprised of Ashwagandha, Mucuna, Kava Kava and Rhodiola),  and was buzzing on happy vibes all day. Literally on a happy cloud that I couldn’t come down from.

These chocolate bars are the truest of a creamy chocolaty dessert with perfectly formulated medicinal benefits to accompany an awesome sweet bite. I’ll attest that this company is the best raw chocolate that I’ve tasted thus far—and that’s quite a ranking coming from the truest raw chocolate fiend.