Poppy and Someday

There are two things that make me feel like the ultimate woman, rose scent and rosy lips. I still remember my great grandma Dot’s rose bushes and how their scent carried all throughout her home. Coming from a strong Irish family, dark hair with rosy lips encompass the ultimate femininity to me. 

So having stumbled upon Poppy and Someday’s Gypsy Rose Toner and Herbal Lip Stain at Dream Collective, recently, turned out to be the most wonderful introduction to a perfect holistic line. Small-batch and handcrafted Poppy and Someday was created by LA based Herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Kari Jansen where each product is made with pure, clean, healing ingredients, and the perfect spiritual touch.

Infused with rose quartz—to increase love and compassion—Gypsy Rose Spray replenishes, restores and renews your skin. I also find it to be the prefect floral, moisturizing mist to set my makeup to ensure long lasting dewy glow.

I am equally as enamored with the Herbal Lip Stain, which is comprised of Beet and Alkanet root to reach its light red sheen along with shea, cocoa butter, beeswax and olive oil to deeply moisturize your lips and give you that truly after “sexy-time” hue. Don't their bottles really add such a groovy design element to a beauty tray? I'd say yes.