Cayenne Pepper

So many of us take this medicinal spice for granted in our kitchen. We often pass it up not really understanding what to add it to or how incredibly powerful it is for our health. I personally add it to my warm lemon water, apple cider vinegar tea every morning and then a pinch to my daily green smoothie. It’s become such a tremendous detox kickstart everyday, and I’ve really noticed how quickly and timely it promotes waste elimination each morning.

Here are just a few highlighted benefits and incentive to include this in your daily food regime (especially after an incredibly indulgent holiday Monday).

BENEFITS | anti-fungal properties | breaks up mucus | anti-allergen | stimulates the digestive track | increases the flow of enzyme production | promotes elimination | stimulates circulatory system | naturally heats body up to promote detoxification | natural pain reliever | anti-bacterial | metabolic-booster | supports weight loss