New Moon in Gemini

New Moons have been very powerful for me over the years. I live my life by manifestation and New Moon symbolizes the height of energy to manifest under, for the moon cycle is fresh, empty and ready to receive your specific intention and grow your planted seeds.

I’m excited to use Poppy and Someday’s Marfa Moon Mist to really set the tone before my New Moon meditation this evening. Infused with tourmaline crystal to help protect against life’s turbulence, and combined Frankincense + Petitgrain to calm mind and body, it will put me in the perfect, grounded state.

Here is some insight from Mystic Mama about New Moon in Gemini

"The New Moon in Gemini occurs at 7 degrees on May 28th, 2014…During this phase, there may be tendency to want to escape or fall into illusion as the New Moon in Gemini makes a connection to Neptune in Pisces.

“It is possible to feel lost or confused which option to take or choice to make. If you keep over-analyzing with the mind alone you may  not find the answer. Be sure not to assume or judge too quickly, gather the facts first and be objective.

“When you come across multiple choices or two choices and are at a cross-roads, rather than becoming scattered like leaves blowing in the wind….Quiet down and be still, connect with your Soul/Spirit and the Divine and ask for the answer. Which path becomes a bit more highlighted or stands out through gut feeling? You have your answer.

“There is potential for inspired thoughts and feelings during the New Moon in Gemini yet you have to take time to be in silence for that to guide you… 

“Mars in Libra makes a easy flowing aspect to the New Moon in Gemini suggesting ‘an energized or extra stimulated’ mind or mental energy. Thus the nervous system may be over-worked or sensitive now. Being in nature or doing exercise which helps to shift stress or anxiety will be really helpful.”