Fed Up

Coming from a rural area in California, Mariposa, the information you tend to receive on “what is healthy” can be quite misleading, disheartening and set you down a path of destruction. I still remember when I first started modeling and acting, I was driving down to LA for auditions and my solution to “staying healthy” was The South Beach Diet. Then diet, after diet, after diet.

The perfect diet is one to be determined with your own values, body and what truly works for you, but a few key factors are becoming quite universal. Too much animal protein causes inflammation in the body that can lead to a number of diseases. Too much dairy causes inflammation in the body that can lead to a number of diseases. Mostly plant based, whole foods are considered to be the balanced approach. I think these elements are becoming more and more aware to the public, as a whole, but what about the one, potentially most destructive ingredient we put into our bodies on a daily bases that is hidden in foods we didn't even know about? Sugar.

Fed Up opens up the perfect conversation for anyone who suffers from mood swings, acne, obesity, pre-diabetics, diabetes, overweight children and the ailments go on and on. The person who can’t quite understand how diet and exercise are still not getting them to the place they’d like to be. I implore you to watch this wonderfully entertaining documentary to start seeing that you do have more control over these debilitating issues. Much more than you think!