Lauren Spencer King | Yogala

My energy has been all over the place lately, so when I received an invite from, the most informative and inspiring holistic beauty guru, Jessa Blades to attend a guided breath meditation last night at Yogala, I jumped at the opportunity. Grounding myself is exactly what I was (and always am) in need of. It had been ages since walking outside of my personal practice to join in a group guided one, so I just assumed that it would be the same old sit down, visualize, chant, yada, yada…

How surprised was I to find the most soft-spoken, chic-soul guiding this powerful movement? Adjusting us all to sit in a circle, Lauren Spencer King, led us through one of the most heavy, amazingly vibrational breath meditations I’ve ever experienced. The focus was on letting go, admitting to witnesses what it is we are personally letting go of and then a hugely powerful two breath, exhale lengthy practice.

Insane amounts of inspirational ideas came to me during the breath segment, which means some serious energy was being broken up and released to allow new positive space and possibility.

For moon updates, essential oil information, super rad indie playlists and more magic, give this artist and modern day healer a gander as her meditation practice is totally organic, pure and worth your energy.

photo cred | Claire Cottrell

Yogala | Echo Park | 1840 Echo Park Ave Los Angeles, CA 90026 | SUNDAY NIGHTS
7:30 - 8:45 pm |