Living Clay | Bentonite Clay

I’ve been on quite a sugar cleanse these last couple of weeks (aside from the rare drink at a social gathering), and it’s been wonderful balancing my body while keeping candida at bay. With that said, a product I’ve totally fallen for that complimented my whole cleanse was this bentonite clay company.

I came across it in a very kismet fashion for I had been on the search for the purest clay I could find. And like most magical things that happen in my life, randomly, I got to talking to a friend’s friend at a birthday gathering. He had been in town for Expo West showcasing his clay company. Clearly, I talked his ear off and asked every question I could. Having learned that it is a RAW, pure clay company as well as sourced locally from Death Valley, I couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Recently, I’ve been using the mask. Awesome. And the liquid clay as a shot 20 minutes before going into the sauna. I’m in love. Check them out. You'll be jazzed you did.