F +N | Body Care

By popular demand, I present to you my personal body care products. I actually look forward to taking a shower due to how much I love all my perfectly curated clean products! Because mainstream beauty products contain chemicals and toxins that are absorbed into the blood stream within 26 seconds of application, and cause hormonal imbalances as well as endocrine disrupting issues, I've been curating my perfect bodycare regime over a series of years now. Some products are hard-fast while a few will evolve based on finding something more effective. I've finally found a solid group that I'm truly happy with.


CLEANSER | Earth tu Face. This botanical oil blend is incredibly cleansing, leaving the face feeling clean and moisturized. The smell is earthy and wonderful. A little goes a long way. Love! 

MOISTURIZER + TONER | I use shea butter base Evan Healy's Whipped with Olive oil, and for the perfect toning mist, I apply their Lavender Facial Tonic Hydrosol as it kills any bacteria on the face, pH balances it and locks in a solid amount of moisture for my DRY skin. This company has such insanely wonderful products and is way too underrated in my opinion. Everything I've ever tried has been divinely effective. 

SERUMS | before applying the whipped Shea Butter, I add two drops of Odacite Chamomile Pure Elements to really calm my skin as well as their Spring In Tokyo to add deep, anti-aging moisture.

SPF | I've said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE Suntegrity for my facial spf. Multi-purposed with a clean, even base that is perfect to apply light makeup or go as is!


PITS | Hands-down Soapwalla. I've tried every natural deodorant under the sun and I'm like a dude when it comes to this stuff. Totally sweaty. This is a crazy Godsend to the holistic world as it is uber effective and an awesome concept. My guy even uses it!


MOISTURE | my favorite, all-time favorite moisturizer is Goe Oil. I think everyone has read about this on F+N by now. But I can never say it too many times. A little bit of an investment compared to your everyday drugstore lotion but crafted to pefection. It is also a small perfume in itself. I apply to the skin a bit damp so as to lock in the moisture.

SCENT | my longtime favorite scent of all time is C.O. Bigelow's Musk oil. I've never been one for super feminine scents and I feel like it brings out the everyday masculine/feminine balance of my inner Annie Hall. I also apply a dab to all my warm spots (pits + under my bellybutton), for when my body warms up, it emits the scent all day and it perfectly combines with my natural pheromones to create my ever so authentic smell. I get compliments all the time on this one and who knew that Liv Tyler and I felt like twins about this very product! 

ANCIENT MINERALS MAGNESIUM OIL | when I was in Colombia, I met with a dear friend's brother-in-law who is one of the most sought after Naturopaths and he couldn't stress enough about how everyone requires much more magnesium than they are getting.

Magnesium directly relates to over 300 functions in the body and statistically in the early 1900's people were receiving about 500mg a day as opposed to the average person today which is around 150mg. This insanely, amazing oil is a wonderful indicator as to how much you are lacking, for based on the amount it tingles, upon application, informs you how deficient you are. It also acts like a natural xanax. When applied and rubbed around, you reach the most peaceful, calm state. And because it is a spray, it's able to directly absorb into your cells rather than a supplement that may not be properly absorbed during digestion. This also makes you hyper aware as to how quickly anything we put on our skin sinks in automatically, as you can feel the effects of this oil within minutes. 

I spray all over my body and rub it in after my shower.


SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER | I stumbled upon Acure shampoo + conditioner when I saw a video of Kimberly Snyder talking about her hair care routine. I thought that if it is effective on her BEAUTIFUL hair, it must work well on mine. I was pleasantly surprised and cleanse + condition about two times a week.  It's also wonderfully cheap and available at most health food stores. 


Next time, we'll touch on make up + hair styling products.