Mercury in Retrograde Tips

I know. I was just like you. When I first moved to LA, and I heard all the talk about Mercury in Retrograde, I certainly thought that it was a bunch of hippie nonsense. But without fail, the first two weeks while this important planet slows down and begins rotating backwards, a lot of stuff goes haywire. It’s always a bit like this, my phone breaks or just completely stops turning on, my car was totaled once, within two weeks my car was broken into twice, checks go missing or just don’t even show up, and the list goes on and on. I can, without looking it up, turn to Ryan now and say, “Yep, I’m having the most vivid nightmares and my phone just broke—Mercury is about to retrograde.” And lo and behold, I’m always right.

Here are my tips to aligning yourself with this harsh or sometimes prosperous time until July 1st.

ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES | weird stuff is going to be going on. And when it personally affects you, just throw your hands in the air, have a mini laugh and say, “Mercury in retrograde.” It does kind of feel better. And you might look crazy but so does everything else at this time, so you’ll completely fit in.

FOCUS ON YOURSELF | it’s just going to be a little weirder, sadder, lonelier, and odder than most normal times. Roll with it. Go get a cheap massage, take baths, pick up a rad book you’ve been meaning to read and treat yourself to healthy, awesome meals.

BLAST FROM THE PAST | it never fails that someone important from your past will usually cross your path in some form during this time. Be aware of that, and kind to yourself if it was someone that hurt you. Recognize how much you’ve grown and focus on all your positive changes.

NIGHTMARES | eat lighter, less hard-to-digest foods before bed at this time. My dreams are SO vivid and usually alarming during retrograde and I notice that if I’m not eating as heavy, that has a slightly more positive outcome.

COMMUNICATION ERROS | just know that some emails aren’t going to arrive or calls or simple human connection can be slightly less connected than usual. It’s not you, it’s literally a planet in our solar system that controls such that is totally moving backwards right now.

BE KIND | we should always be kind to everyone else, but it’s especially important during this time because others are going to be going through odd stuff and being kind is the perfect soundboard.

KEEP ON FLOWING | during mid-M.I.R, I’ll sometimes get on this insane positive, abundant, awesome opportunities present themselves flow and when that comes your way, hop on and keep going with the flow. Ease into it and reap all the wonderful abundance that you deserve.