Brooklyn Beach Hair

A few months ago, I attended a mini gathering hosted by Erica Chidi and Jessa Blades where Jessa indulged in her FAVORITE go-to beauty products. All incredibly holistically insightful, one in particular really popped out to me, Brooklyn Beach Hair.

And I’m ever so grateful that it did. With a formula of water, rosewater, rose-geranium water, sea salt, jojoba oil and essential oils, this is the most divine smelling, bacteria killing, scalp pH balancing, moisturizing beach spray.  Usually I just spritz a bit of actual Mediterranean sea water from a bottle I filled up in Corsica, France a few years ago; however this gives a much more controlled, textured, moisturized style. For those who don’t want the fully crunchy sea spray vibe, this is your new favorite product.

Not to mention, you’ll be walking around sniffing your hair all day. You won’t be able to decide if you’re in a forest or garden. Both are a good mystical problem to have! 

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