Those small yellow flowers growing wild in your yard surrounded by bushy green leaves, you know the ones that you consider annoying “weeds” are actually some of the most all encompassing, nutritious herbs that you can ingest. Rich in beta-carotene (which we convert into vitamin A), vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus, this plant is also a magical source of B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and even vitamin D. Dandelion even contains more protein than spinach.

It has been eaten medicinally for thousands of years to treat anemia, scurvy, skin problems, blood disorders, and depression. Think twice before you rip them out and replace them with something more water intensive such as grass. Also, fill up with gratitude the next time you pick a dried one and blow its hundreds of little seeds into the breeze, spreading more medicine around the world.

BENEFITS | mild laxative promoting digestion | balances beneficial bacteria in the intestines | natural diuretic that supports clearing of the kidneys and releases excess water | cleanses and hydrates the liver | rich in DNA and cell protecting antioxidants | cancer combating | blood sugar and insulin regulating | blood pressure + cholesterol lowering | increases bile production | reduces inflammation | immune boosting | Anti-fungal + Anti-microbial

PROCESS | toss into smoothies, juice, cook as greens, and add to soups + salads

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips