Lately, I’ve been using Goat Kefir as my smoothie base when making my afternoon energizing smoothie. And around this time of year, there are so many wonderful recipes that call for great yogurt sauces. Dill yogurt sauce over mixed cooling veggies or yogurt and berries, STOP IT! The best. I’m not a big yogurt person, in general, but I can’t deny wonderful summer recipes, and swapping yogurt with Kefir provides more strands of active probiotics and easier to digest enzymes. Lately, I’ve been using solar powered, Animal Humane and Safety Certified, Controlled Batch, Sonoma County’s Redwood Hill Farm’s Goat Kefir. I switch this around with Helios Organic Kefer, which includes FOS.  Both are divine. I’m always a little more excited about goat and sheep dairy if I’m tangoing with dairy but of course with kefir the lactose sugar is broken down significantly anyway. Here's to a probiotic rich summer.

BENEFITS | builds healthy gut bacteria | allergy reducing | helps to keep yeast balanced in the body | builds immunity | aids in weight loss | improves digestion and absorbtion of nutrients | and so much more