Recently I’ve been getting asked to teach people how to prepare certain foods, quite often. After so many requests, I decided to develop my own little Free + Native class branch. Yesterday was the very first one I taught, and was graced upon the most divine group. Incredibly beaming souls who were so respectful of my time and energy. We focused on making seed + nut milk, along with my two favorite daily smoothies, Pearl and Cacao Cloud.

During lecturing, I overhead myself really highlighting the INCREDIBLY important medicinal aspects of including probiotic-rich foods into our diet daily. That leads me into this very energizing, beautifying smoothie bursting with beneficial bacteria from wonderful goat kefir.


1 c Redwood Hill Farm's Goat Kefir

1 tbls cacao

1 tbls chia

1 tbls hemp

¼ tsp maca

1 tbls tocos

1 frozen banana

4 drops stevia or sweetener of choice

pinch pink salt

PROCESS | blend on high for two minutes. Garnish with cinnamon. Feel glowing after enjoying!