Egyptian Magic

Let’s pause and talk about this household favorite for a moment. I’ve been prone to using Bag Balm for a few years now to battle the SUPER dry skin on my hands (especially after they get a lot of water exposure—i.e. washing dishes). But I wasn’t that into the ingredients of 8-Hydroxy Quinoline Sulfate in a Petrolatum Lanolin Base. Why, because I can hardly pronounce those ingredients let alone any familiarity as to what they even are? It set me on a mission to find a clean after-dishwashing-alternative moisturizer.

Then at Erewhon, last week, I passed the uberly rad designed Egyptian Magic in the product isle as I have 100 times before. A few friends had highly recommended it, so I thought this to be the perfect time to give it a go. With an incredibly medicinal and natural formula of: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract, not only was I pleased at how many of my favorite ingredients could be blended together in one product, but I was ASTOUNDED by its healing action. Upon waking after just one use, my cracked, peeling, dry hands had mended and were smooth again.

This recipe is said to remedy an umbrella of conditions such as dry + brittle hair, psoriasis, burns, eczema as well as used for an anti-aging face moisturizer and eye gel. It is certainly a new staple for us. And I can’t get enough of the design! 

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