The Korean Body Mitt | Lina Hanson Oils

Can we all just take a minute to FREAK out over the infamous Korean Body Scrubbing mitt?!! My wonderful sugaring lady introduced me to it a few months ago and it has completely changed my life.

Yes, it’s the exact mitt used in Korean Spas and yes it's just that rough on your skin, but whoa does it feel good and super wow do you look polished after. I’ve even turned this into my new dry body-brushing tool! And it dries incredibly quickly making it the ideal travel mitt.

I usually do spa day at home one evening every week, and after my normal routine I’m sure to follow epic scrubbing with Lina Hanson’s body and face oils that support a great cause and are sourced from the best ingredients! They are the perfect light and deeply moisturizing serum to sink in extra deeper after a wonderful scrub! My favorite duo! 

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