Bliss Alchemy Elixir

This past weekend, I rocked with my grandfather on my dad’s porch swing while the sun set over our ranch and we talked about him growing up in The San Fernando Valley when Van Nuys and Encino were nothing more than sprawling land and ranchettes. He shared a story of going with his uncle to pick up a dairy cow that they had bought from Jane Russell’s family’s ranch, and how “she wasn’t even in drama at our high school.” Then he went on to tell me all the riveting stories about when there weren’t any freeways. Only HWY 1 and how they had to take that all the way down to Mexico to pick up new race horses for his father who ran them at the Santa Anita tracks. “Your Grandmother and I could jump on the red line (trolley) and head into Santa Monica for 5c. And my first job was at The Warner Brothers Ranch as a ranch hand.”

He reminisced about how all the milk that was consumed during those times, even until his children were born, was raw. Straight from the teat to their ice box. And that set me off on the topic of how medicinal such a perfect substance is. We laughed over him saying “now I can eat everything that was apparently terrible for me through the nutritional fads over all the years. It went from one egg a month, to once a week, to now eat all the eggs and cheese you want, it’s really the sugar that is the problem. Anything that I grew up on is great for you.”

And now as I drink my raw milk today, I think of all the centuries that this perfect potion was treasured as truly sacred food. Combine that with Anandamide by Sun Potion and you have a potent medicinal elixir that literally tastes like creamy horchata! Just watch your third eye open wide…



1.5 c Raw Cow or Goat Milk

1 Tbls Sun Potion’s Anandamide Bliss Alchemy

Dash of pink salt

7 drops of stevia | or sweetener of choice

2 filtered water ice cubes

Garnish with a dash of cinnamon

PROCESS | add all ingredients except cinnamon. Blend on high for one minute. Garnish with cinnamon.

BENEFITS | balances gut bacteria | acne fighting | brain feeding | hormone balancing | promotes happy, calm and alert feelings | energy boosting | libido boosting | probiotic, enzyme, vitamin and mineral rich | fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2 | allergy reducing | fertility balance

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