Jiva-Apoha | Lacy's Personalized Body Oil

I know, I know, two skin potions in a row. Trust me, well worth the back-to-back! Yesterday I got to dine at Axe with one of my favorite people on the planet, Angela Shore of Jiva-Apoha. As of late, I’ve been dealing with some skin irritation on my legs and I think there is no secret of how obsessed I am with the healing and aromatic elements of the Jiva oil line.

So over some sauerkraut, braised greens, hummus, mint tea and the veggie bowl, Angela blessed me with traditional Puji string and introduced me to my very own personalized Jiva body blend. Turning to Angela was the perfect prescription. Here is the formula she crafted for me.

FORMULA | Ayurvedic Sunflower seed oil with 100% pure Black jasmine, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Amber and Geranium essentials.

SUNFLOWER | rich in Vitamin A, D, extremely high in Vitamin E, anti-aging, helps skin retain moisture.

BLACK JASMINE | from India. It is the Maroon flower, great for skincare, rashes.

ROSEWOOD | anti-depressant, anti-septic, aphrodisiac, antibacterial, cephalic, deodorant, insecticide and stimulating. Extracted from the Rosewood Tree.

SANDALWOOD | from Mysore, India. Anti-viral, immune stimulant, anxiety, viral infections, acne, wrinkles, scar tissue, grounding, stabilizing.

AMBER | from India. Great synergy of botanicals + tree resin. Good for anxiety, stress, calming and relaxing.

GERANIUM | from India. Anti-inflammatory, anti-turmoral, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, astringent, sedative, liver + pancreas stimulant, detoxification.

PROCESS | use after bath or shower, extra around neck, chest and irritated areas. Good to do feet before bedtime as well. 

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