I have been such a fan of the crew over at Summerland since the beginning. And watching the company continue to adapt into something even greater month by month is beyond exciting. So when Alison Altomari reached out to me to craft a few FREE + NATIVE style recipes for this week's Summerland Box, I jumped at the opportunity with joy!

Just to give you a preview of some super rad recipes to follow later this week, I wanted to share the abundance that is in one of their beautiful boxes.  

75/25 Mixed Fruits & Vegetable Box | week of July 20th | Jumbo $39


Yellow Peach


Eureka Lemon

Yellow Wax Beans

Rainbow Carrots

Brown Onion


Black Beauty Eggplant

Spicy Spring Mix

Gold Nugget Tangerine

And on top of all this wonderful, local produce, they also included a map of the farms where each of the different produce are derived from and a pickling recipe! Honestly, I don’t think any other one company could speak so directly to every part of my soul. 

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