Cultured Vegetables Recipe

Yesterday I found myself enjoying my favorite market, Ojai Farmers’ Market. I happened to pick up a super rad new market bag—Junes Bag—which consists of the perfect breathable mesh material and amazingly designed deep pockets so that I have somewhere to store my market cash, keys and phone. A brilliant concept and it carried exactly the size of produce I need to make one batch of Cultured Vegetables.

Weekly, Ryan and I make cultured vegetables (known as cultured rather than fermented because we use a culture starter of strong, healthy bacteria). Out of every health forward regime we’ve tried, this is hands down the most noticeable and nutritious. Weekly, I’ve been giving a jar of this eternal health to any old or new friend I come across. I’m yet to find a food more beautifying, anti-aging, gut aligning, slimming, glowing and energizing. Here we walk you through this week's Culturing recipe. 


3 heads of local, organic lettuce | so as to reap the freshest bacteria and minerals

1 bunch of local, organic radishes

1 local, organic zucchini

1 packet of Body Ecology Culture Starter

1 Apple

6 c spring water


Large mixing bowl


Wooden Spoons (for mixing)

Food Processor (for shredding) | or you can simply chop into thin pieces


Jars (for canning)

PROCESS | wash produce well. Set aside three large outer leaves of each cabbage. Shred cabbage, radishes, and zucchini. Then empty each into large bowl. Add 1 packet of Body Ecology culture starter to your batch. Mix ingredients well to ensure they are all intermixed. Chop your apple and add to blender with spring water. Blend into a brine on high for one minute. Fill each glass jar with your shredded mixture. Pack tightly but not too tight so as the brine can seep through to the bottom and fill up to the top. Fill each jar with brine once you’ve packed the shredded matter into the jar. Roll up one of the large cabbage leaves to top the shredded portion and brine with. Press this down hard making sure that the brine (liquid) is covering all the shredded matter to ensure no air is left in the shredded portion. Apply lid tightly. Leave all jars in a warm (70 degree) area for 3-7days. When you see little bubbles form at the top of your jar, they are nicely fermented (or cultured). Move to fridge and store in there for up to 8 months!

Eat 2 tbls daily with lunch and dinner! 

 Watch this video to visually walk you through the process as well.

BENEFITS | re-establishes a healthy inner ecosystem | inexpensive source of medicinal probiotics daily | nourishes + rebalances your thyroid | alkalizing | improves digestion | eliminates toxins | rejuvenates cells | strengthens immunity | controls sugar cravings + appetite | flattens tummy and tones body | increases vitamin count of the food immensely | enzyme rich | helps you to absorb more minerals and vitamins of the food it’s eaten with

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