Sprouted Bread

Bread has really dropped from my lifestyle--aside from the occasional dinner party where someone has made it fresh. That I can't resist. But on a day to day basis, I never find myself having bread. Once in a GREAT while, I'll crave some avocado toast with olive oil, lemon juice, pink salt and red peppers. And when such an urge presents itself, I'll turn to a sprouted organic bread. Usually resulting in good ol' Ezekiel.

Based on its ancient practices of sprouting each ingredient accordingly, absorption in the body is much more atainable. Yes it still contains gluten, but the fact that it lacks any flour, sugar, and is organic, I'm willing to throw caution (gluten) to the wind. Everything in moderation, right? And I always have my eye out for a more artesian, local, organic, sprouted bread to substitue. 

Anyway, here's a throwback to the bread that you used to only find when you'd visit your friend's house with the hippie parents, in elementary school!

BENEFITS | source of complete protein | contains 18 amino acids | increased digestibility | increased absorption of minerals | rich in fiber

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