Recently, I’ve been receiving a lot of new client referrals and teaching opportunities. There is nothing I love more than witnessing a rad soul(s) achieve potent biodynamic shift in their lives down to a cellular level and the gift of aiding them into those results.

But as the ultimate free bird who loves to pick up and travel at a moments notice or get lost for weeks on end researching and taking classes on EVERYTHING under the holistic sun, I realized a large block for me centers around my fears of what more work brings. Subconsciously I’ve always feared that with each new project, I’d watch more and more freedom shrink away.

I had to take a moment to clear these notions that were preventing me from moving forward, without personal resistance, in order to achieve every intention that I had set for myself. So I sat down and followed these five steps and felt my fears melt away while realizing that each new project brings more freedom and beautiful opportunities in every sense.

HIPPIE TALK | Within minutes an email came through presenting yet another huge opportunity that I had been manifesting for quite some time. The power of getting out of your own way and working as one with your subconscious is never failing. And it works for any facet of life. Get out a notebook, and ditch your blocks by working as one with your subconscious mind.


RECOGNIZE THE RESISTANCE | after you recognize what the resistance you are having, you need to stay humble. Trust that what your subconscious mind is warning you about for there is a lot of wisdom in there. Listen to the wisdom that you can find in your resistance.

GET SPECIFIC |and really narrow in on what is your subconscious mind looking out for. You'll learn how to use your subconscious mind by interviewing it and really getting into to the details with genuine curiosity and compassion. Let it make its case. Hear its case. Ex. What freedoms specifically do I fear I’ll have to give up for success?

MAKE A PROMISE | you need to make a promise to work things out with your subconscious—not to work against it. Ex. Mine is saying that if I become successful, I’ll have to be in town all the time, tied to a schedule, on the phone; etc. So I’d make a promise such as, I hear you and I’m grateful for the looking out, so I promise that if new projects outweigh my fun times, travels and research then I won’t take them on.

GET POSITIVE EXAMPLES | dowse your subconscious mind with positive examples and case studies of people whose lives have improved and freedom has increased. People who have more time as a result of building their business and getting what they wanted. People you know, famous people, whatever. The point here is learning how to train your subconscious mind to know that it's possible to satisfy all sides of your heart and mind.

SOLIDIFY AND AFFIRM | The more you learn how to change your subconscious mind by ingraning your new perspective, then the more you can capitalize on its power and its resources to facilitate and execute toward your goals on your behalf. So create a daily affirmation. Mine for example could be, “success increases my freedom in life.” Think of your affirmation of as what is possible. Right before falling asleep, upon waiting, and during meditation are the best times to access and affirm this!

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our How to Manifest workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

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