Bath Magic | Herbal Bath

As we wrap up our wonderful week of Ojai bliss and depart today to France, it was imperative that I enjoy last night’s SUPERMOON with a magical detoxifying herbal bath. Nothing collects more toxins and dryness than 16 hours worth of travel time on flights, so I wanted to clear out some of the old with soothing herbs and hot water. Each plant I chose elicits specific healing elements, so do get creative and craft an custom bath specific to your present needs.


A few sprigs of rosemary

A few sprigs of lavender

A few sprigs of sage

Rose petals from one rose

Sache | cheese cloth | even a thin sock or tights will do

PROCESS | rinse each herb carefully so you don’t take a bath with friends such as aphids. Place herbs into your bag. Run under as hot of water as you can comfortably stand. And keep herbs steeping with you throughout your entire bath. I like to stay in for 30 minutes, giving my body ample time to sweat toxins out! If you have the opportunity, do dry body brush before getting in. A wonderful addition to your bag is also Ancient Minerals Magnesium Flakes

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips