Quantum Pink Salt


I first discovered Quantum Pink Salt at Moon Juice Silver Lake this past spring. And I’m so grateful that I did. As an avid Celtic Salt user, I’d notice myself getting bloated after a night of cooking. So upon stumbling upon QPS and putting some research into the product, I became intrigued by its high mineral count of raw nutrients from prehistoric, unpolluted seabeds. But what really made the leap for me is that QPS’s minerals, retaining their high energy, are ideal for helping to maintain the extracellular and intracellular fluid balance in the body. Thus reducing bloating. After switching, I’ve seen a significant reduction in water retention.

It’s become a true daily staple in my life. I use it multiple times a day to ensure that I’m getting some solid minerals. I’ll dash it in each smoothie, use it on salads, hold 1/8 teaspoon under my tongue after the sauna and so forth. I highly recommend giving this salt a try. 

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