Corn Starch | The ultimate dry shampoo

As we embark on the fall and are tossed into full bang season—should I get them or shouldn't I—one challenge I always face, with bangs, is constantly fighting greasiness. That is one of the drawbacks from moisturizing with oils and shea butter. And rather than jumping on the bandwagon of finding the next natural designer dry shampoo to use, something much more affordable is already in our kitchens.

Organic corn starch! BAM.

Just dust a bit on the scalp area of your greasy spots and rub it back to dryness. Not only does it dry your hair up but in some cases it can even add a bit of body. So yes, if you’re on the fence about fall bangs or you want to stretch out that great blowout, organic corn starch is your cheap and natural best friend. 

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