Purest Palm Brush

Every year, we holiday for the whole month of August. And in some capacity we find our way by an ocean. May it be the Pacific, Mediterranean, Atlantic—truly any will do. And then we surround ourselves with family and friends. Gatherings. Reading. Dinners. And days spent picnicking at the beach.

With this comes my very simple ritual. Dry body brushing—before departing to the waters—to wake up my lymphatic and circulatory system. Then off to enjoy time at the beach while basking in the healing elements of cleaner seawaters. Home for a quick rinse, followed by some generous body oiling and letting the magic of salt water create waves in my hair, and skin that glows from Jiva-Apoha’s Mukti oil. This all guides me into a perfect evening enjoying the energy of those I love and healing foods to support energy, happiness and nourishment. This time of year is when I get to live closest to a native lifestyle. And I love every second of it.

Because you can never have enough body brushes, I find myself traveling with Earth Therapeutics Purest Palm Brush this year. And the rest just organically follows.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips