Gifting From Your Garden

I still remember so vividly when my grandparents would stop off in San Juan Bautista to pick up seasonal fruit from the rolling fruit stands on the way home from their Santa Cruz house. Or when their friends would come over for a gathering and bring the fruits of their summer garden labor. It all never made much sense to me as a kid.  I’d think to myself, ‘why does anyone bother? Isn’t it much easier to just stop into a grocery store?’

And now I find myself cherishing the magic from my friends’ organic gardens, and making sure to never show up empty handed with gifts from my garden when attending a friend’s gathering. This all came full circle when I visited my friend Jamie Arrigo’s home yesterday to harvest figs, Russian cucumbers, and tomatoes to include in meals I’m crafting for my clients this week.

And for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that there is nothing more organic, loving, free and native than sharing your harvest. I understand why this tradition has stayed with us for thousands of years. And I honor the ceremony. The perfect gift.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips