Tomato Basil Goat Cheese

As we wrap up the most wonderful four days of Labor Day Weekend, where we were able to adjust back into sunny, hot Los Angeles life, we decided to beat the heat by spending the weekend with our favorite people in Ventura, CA—Ryan’s family. This consisted of beach, boat, and dinner merriment.

On our final evening Ryan and I made dinner for everyone. And though we suffered a few setbacks—overestimating the salt on our Golden Sea Bass and turning a new unfamiliar grain into an odd risotto/mush hybrid—one no fuss dish I can always count on is the tomato, basil, olive oil, goat cheese, salt and pepper staple.

So may it be a ripe tomato that needs to be used before it fully perishes or a last minute additional side, I implore you to enjoy these last moments with the heirloom tomato by making this simple dish.


1 heirloom tomato

As many fresh basil leaves as you can get your hands on

1 Tbls raw goat cheese

High Grade olive oil to taste

High Grade Coarse Salt to taste


PROCESS | slice your tomato 1/4” thick, leave basil as full leaves—or if you have very little, mince them thinly. Drizzle olive oil over the tomato slices and then dress with salt, pepper, basil and goat cheese. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips