C.O. Bigelow | a few staples

I'm a sucker for America's oldest operating apothecary. Call it past lives but whenever I use their products, I feel connected to an old me? Sturdy with timeless design, these are a few staples that should be considered!

Toothbrush | natural bristles for gentle cleansing

Musk Oil | this is my FAVORITE item (well, aside from a shea butter) on my product plate. I've been using this for years. It jives so well with my natural body scent and only gets more fragrant as the day goes on. Understated and timeless, it's my only cologne. 

Mason Pearson Detangler Nylon | firmer than the mixed bristle, this it the ideal brush for the frequent beach mermaid that is always in the ocean or, if you're anything like me, the person who brushes their hair after they wash it and then never touches it again until the next wash three days later. It perfectly pulls oils through your hair for renewed and rapid growth.

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