Shifting the Market | Buying local or small

Ryan and I took inventory of items that we purchase + fill our lives with, and we’ve realized that 80% of our purchases are local or small businesses. That is something I’m incredibly proud of having been on the ratio of around 80% large corporation consumerism—not so long ago.

With that said, I stumbled upon the most perfect fall dress. Made to order and from a very small designer. Though this dress is quite steep in pricing. I’d rather strive to buy this quality linen handcrafted good than run out and purchase its mass-produced, appalling factory condition counterpart that is a fraction in pricing.

So this morning, I invite everyone to check out small businesses and local. You’ll be vastly surprised that more often than not they tend to produce products that: taste better, look better, and are better—for you and the planet. Not to mention giving you uniqueness and individuality! 

Dress Available // Rennes Anastasia Dress

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